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September 06, 2006



Hi Christiane,

congrats for having finished the theory chapter! I am impressed how fast you have moved on since we talked about the pitfalls of discourse analysis and theory on the phone.
Actually, right now we are almost doing the same thing: writing about Zionism from the 19th century onwards, you with a view to water and land, and I with a view to the role of religion. And meanwhile, in Israel, the government seems to be falling apart...again. I wonder how long the Olmerts and Perez's can stand the pressure.
All the best, Claudia


Yeah, isn't it nice, Middle Eastern history lessons 101 to 901. At least the government has decided today to lift the sea and air blocade on Lebanon - even though of course this may mean a lot more turmoil INSIDE Israel. A typical situation where I like to cite an Egyptian friend who told me once: It's the Middle East - it's normal.
And the theory chapter, yes, I surprised myself there. But let's not forget that nobody has said yet whether it's good or not... but I was surprised how much I enjoyed writing it in the end.

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